Health Insurance for Foreigners

General Information

Pursuant to the Law No. 6485 on Foreigners and International Protection which came into effect on 11.04.2014, health insurance has been made compulsory for issuing of residence permits to foreigners. Within this scope, we have prepared Başak Series Package 2 product in accordance with the content of the coverage established by the circular issued by the Under Secretariat of Treasury.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who Can Take Out Policy?

Foreigners of 18 to 56 years old who have applied for residence permit in Turkey can purchase private health insurance.

2) How will I get service?

At a Contracted Healthcare Institution

If you receive healthcare service from an ASK-2 Contracted Healthcare Institution, a representative of the healthcare institution can receive authorization from our Authorization Center on 24/7 basis. When you apply to a contracted healthcare institution, you should present your health insurance card and picture attached identity card to the institution. All procedures related with your health insurance will be carried out by the representative of the healthcare institution on your behalf. In this case, since Ziraat Sigorta will make payment directly to the healthcare institution, you will only pay the contribution payable by you, if any, and any expenses which are not covered by the policy to the healthcare institution. For