My Family Assured by Ziraat(FAZ)

General Information

Don’t think that it may not befall on you. Get the future of your loved ones assured by Ziraat. Your loved ones are under the assurance of Ziraat for TL 149 only per annum for 10 years.

Ziraat Sigorta gives income guarantee for 10 years to the loved ones of the persons insured by FAZ, who passed away due to an accident.


  • Payment of an indemnity in the amount of TL 25,000 at lump sum to legal heirs of or persons designated by the insured
  • Payment of indemnity of TL 1,300 each month to beneficiaries designated by, or legal heirs of, the insured
  • Furthermore, payment of education support indemnity of TL 1,300 once a year at the beginning of each education year (in September) for 10 years to beneficiaries who are having education (Elementary School, High School and University/ Undergraduate period).

* After 12th payment each year, monthly payments will be increased by the rate of the Consumer Price Index of the preceding year. If the rate of increase of the Consumer Price Index is higher than 10%, annual increase will be limited with 10%.

* In addition, you have option to increase the covers by two times by paying two times higher premium.

What are the Events of Accident within the Scope of the Coverage?

In order that an incident can be deemed an accident, it is essential that it has occurred outside the will of the insured with the impact of a sudden and external incident. If death occurs immediately after such events or within 12 mon