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With the Extended Casco Insurance, you assure your vehicle against many risks such as collision, impact, burning, etc. In addition, with this insurance, you can get your vehicle insured against risks such as stealing by using original key of the vehicle, seizure by violence, theft, glass breakage, etc. with minimum deductible and most comprehensive coverage compared with the sector.



  • Collision, impact, turning over, burning
  • Malicious acts or mischiefs by third persons
  • Theft or attempt to theft of the vehicle
  • Loss or damage occurred as a result of strike, lockout, riot, civil commotion and terrorism
  • Earthquake, landslide, storm, hail, lightning or volcanic eruption
  • Flood and inundation
  • Damages caused by contact of cigarette or similar substances except for a fire
  • Loss or damage caused by towing by unauthorized persons
  • Loss resulting from loss of use and income
  • Loss or damage resulting from theft or attempt to theft of the vehicle by taking possession of the key of the vehicle as a result of such events as specified in the supplementary contract,
  • Replacement of the locking mechanism of the vehicle due to lost or stolen key of the vehicle
  • Damage caused by rodents (this cover is given to passenger cars, pickups, minibuses only)

Additional Covers

  • Vehicle assistance service
  • Replacement Car service
  • Mini Repair service
  • Seat Personal Accident Insurance
  • Facultative Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Legal Protection Insurance

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