Household Goods Comprehensive Insurance

  • Take out a Household Goods Comprehensive Insurance just for TL.79 per year. Take your goods under assurance of Ziraat against a lot of risks such as flood, theft, fire etc.

    Sum Insured Gross Premium
    TL.30.000 TL.79
    TL.35.000 TL.89
    TL.40.000 TL.99

    Covers provided within the scope of this insurance

    • With Household Goods Comprehensive Insurance, you can have all your goods insured in consideration of very favorable annual premiums.
    • You can have all your household goods assured by paying different premiums for your goods having different values. For example, if approximate value of your household goods is TL.30.000, you can have them assured by paying only TL.79 annually.

    You can take advantage of Ziraat Home Assistance Services without paying any additional fee

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    Product conditions of Household Goods Comprehensive Insurance:

    This insurance provides coverage for the goods contained in the buildings of reinforced concrete or masonry. No coverage is provided for summer houses or houses used for short periods from time to time. The total of insured sums of the articles of art and antique objects such as tableaux, collections, sculptures, knick-knacks, paintings, books, engravings, inscriptions, carpets etc. documented (with a certificate) to have an artistic or antique value as well as computers, televisions, radios, disc players, tape recorders, music sets, microscopes, furs and silk carpets is limited to 25% of total insured sums of all goods. The total insured sums of silver and other valuable metals, and the articles made of them, golden, jewelries, precious stones, pearls etc. is limited to 10% of the total insured sums of all goods provided that the door of the building is locked. The total insured sums of all kinds of valuable watches, and licensed guns is limited to 10% of the total insured sums of all goods. Cash money, stock certificates, debenture bonds and valuable papers (movable assets such as cheques etc.), projects, plans, patterns, commercial books and documents etc. are excluded from the coverage.

    • Fire Lightning Explosion • SLRCC-Malicious Acts-Terror
    • Flood and Inundation • Landslide • Snow Weight • Storm
    • Internal Water • Smoke • Impact of Land Vehicles
    • Impact of Air Vehicles • Theft
    • Decoration expenses (TL.750)
    • Fire Third Party Liability
      (at the rate of 15% of the total sum insured)
    • Debris Removal
      (at the rate of 4% of the total sum insured)
    • Glass Breakage (1.000 TL)
    • Ziraat home assistance coverage
    • Internal Water Plumbing Services
      (TL.600 / 3 Times a year)
    • Electrical Installation Services
      (TL.500 / 3 Times a year)
    • Locksmith Services
      (TL.500 / 3 Times a year, Maximum TL.750 for rescuing people Inside)
    • Glass Breakage Services
      (TL.750 / 3 Times a year)
    • Hotel Accommodation Services if the home is uninhabitable due to Damage
      (4* Hotel / Maximum 3 Days)
    • Protection and Surveillance of Home due to Damage
      (3 Times a year / Maximum 2 Days each time)
    • Unforeseen Return to Home due to Serious Damage to Home
      (1 Time a year)
    • Payment of Travel Expenses Incurred due to Serious Illness or Death of one of 1st Degree Family Members
      (1 Time a year)
    • Coverage for Other Assistance Services
      (Health Services etc.)

General Conditions

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