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 Ziraat Sigorta A.Ş. was incorporated on 11 May 2009. The Company’s paid-in capital was raised to TL 20,000,000 in September 2009.Obtaining license in all non-life branches, Ziraat Sigorta began issuing policies from early 2010.With its stable growth and profitability performance achieved in line with its business model since 2010 that marked the inceptionof its activities, Ziraat Sigorta has been an exemplary company that has been noted in the insurance industry.Since then, Ziraat Sigorta maintained its steep rise in production through bancassurance and captured leadership in this channel in 2013, while preserving its leader position in agricultural insurance. The Company’s capital was raised to TL 50,000,000 in April 2013.After commencing its insurance operations upon completion of its incorporation with a founding team of 44 individuals, Ziraat Sigorta continues offering service with an experienced a nd competent team of 200 people in its fifth year in operation.

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